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One of the unique and amazing things about Symphonia is our unparalleled outreach programme. If you love playing music and giving back to the local community, Symphonia is for you!

Here are some of our achievements from 2022:

  • We put on an engaging and informative assembly in a primary school in the local area. A Symphonia chamber ensemble and our conductors spoke about music and each instrument in the hope of inspiring the next generation of players!

  • Throughout the year we sent chamber ensembles to play across Bristol Royal Infirmary. This provided a welcome distraction for staff and patients alike. Some of the most rewarding moments included playing on older people wards during Dementia awareness week and celebrating the 75th anniversary of the NHS.

  • In the lead up to Christmas, our members braved the cold weather to play and sing Christmas carols! This helped one of our members raise money for the fantastic Brain Tumour Charity.

We cannot wait to continue spreading the joy of music across Bristol in 2023/2024!

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